“Let Truth be the Prejudice” 


Through The Eye is the title we gave, with two friends who were photographers at the time, to our photo cooperative created in 1998 in Paris.

Through The Eye or TTE was the opposite of TTL (Through The Lens), a nod to the technology we were not after, equipped with old cameras that were mythical for us (Nikon F2 and Leica M3). Mechanical cameras that worked without batteries and non-autofocus lenses, which we thought were quite sufficient.

Through The Eye was also a testimony of our will to show a point of view, our own, far from any objectivity (which is not incompatible with journalistic ethics and deontology).


Chasseur d'Images (avril 2000)


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"The first word I would strike from the annals of journalism is the word objective"

- W. Eugene Smith

After several years of working as a photojournalist for press agencies for which the aim was to transmit explicit, contextualized and captioned photos in the most objective way possible, I have taken a few liberties and since Of Grapes & Men, a work carried out for nearly two years with winegrowers who are facing the vagaries of the climate, I have opted for a less frontal, less descriptive and therefore more suggestive (more poetic perhaps ?) photography, leaving the reader to make up his or her own mind. No captions for the photos, silhouettes that do not contextualize the region or the period. A desire to concentrate on the ancestral gestures of the winegrower's profession and to produce images that can speak to the greatest number of people, to winegrowers or wine lovers in other regions, other countries. Photographs that invite us to reflect on our condition as human beings in the midst of nature and not only to look at the condition of the people photographed. 


“Silhouetted images that do not contextualise either the region or the period.” from Of grapes & Men


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“Beauty will save the world ?”

in L’Idiot, Dostoïevski (1868)

When I decided to document the help that neighbours were giving to Afghan refugees, at first I refused to photograph them in the misery of their makeshift camp in Pantin. Perhaps I had taken too many photos in refugee camps ? In any case, I wanted to photograph other moments, and I wanted my photographs not to show the difficult conditions in which these refugees were living in Pantin, but to show their desire to communicate, to learn and to exchange. I photographed against the light, I wanted bright photos. I photographed with a wide-angle lens, I wanted proximity. I wanted photos that would give them back their humanity.


“I wanted photos that would give them back their humanity.” from I'll be there


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“Human beings are made up of light and shadow. 

For years I have photographed the shadow side of humanity, now I want to focus on the light side.”

(Paris, 22 september 2022)


"A photography more poetic perhaps ?" from  Of grapes & Men