Du raisin et des Hommes

(Of Grapes & Men)

Texts (in French) by Marjolaine Edouard

CDP Editions, 2022


(France, 2020-2022) - The result of an immersive adventure in the vineyards of the Coteaux du Layon in Anjou, this book is the story, in photos and in words, of the experience initiated by the two authors during the confinement of spring 2020, in contact with five young winemakers with singular backgrounds who are writing a common story: that of a new generation committed to a virtuous practice of a profession that is two thousand years old.

Following the rhythm of the vegetative cycle and the seasons, in four organically farmed estates, "Du raisin et des Hommes" (Of grapes & Men) invites us to reflect on the future to which we wish to contribute. Through their approach, these women and men invite us to put our steps in theirs.

"Of grapes & Men" was awarded at the International Photography Awards (New York, USA, 2021) 

Category : Professional, Editorial/Press, Photo Essay/Feature Story - Prize : Honorable Mention



Rolwaling, a sacred valley in the Himalayas

(a book to be published in 2023)

Texts by Marjolaine Edouard


(Nepal, 2022) - On the edge of Tibet, a Sherpa community lives beneath one of Nepal's largest and most dangerous glacial lakes, Tsho Rolpa, perched at 4,580 metres. Fed by the melting of the Himalayan glacier Trakarding and increasingly torrential monsoons, the lake threatens to break its banks and flood into the sacred Rolwaling valley, next to Everest.

We meet with the local population exposed to a global warming that they are not involved in but which they must face, surprisingly confident. The protection of the evacuation canal and the dam built in 2000 reassures her, and her Buddhist faith guides her. Rolwaling is a beyul, a sacred valley. The "mountain tsunami" is not part of her equation, despite the warnings of the scientific community.

With this work, we want to give the Sherpa community of this valley a face and a voice, in a dual process of testimony and awareness. It seems essential to us to show in images and words that our actions here have serious consequences there. But we also want to make people dream. In images with a monochrome artistic bias, and in authentic words as a tribute to this often fantasized Himalaya which retains a singular place in the collective imagination.